ABout us


To provide high quality, modern and proven solutions across all verticals utilizing our team of expert consultants and world class partners to come up with the optimum solutions for government and private sector in Qatar and the Middle East to shape the future of social, educational and cultural development..

To earn the life time loyalty of our clients, To become a premier provider of innovative tools and content recognized for its diversity, and known for excellence in providing technology, teaching, learning and research tools and content.



We value excellence in all services we provide. We are committed to promoting creative and critical thinking among staff within a culture of inspiration, exceeding expectations, accountability and quality services



When it comes to customers ideas and desires everything and anything is achievable. Through our team of experts and partners we can achieve what others may consider immpossible.



We value respect for cultural, individual and role differences, including those due to age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, language, philosophical orientation, among others. We take into consideration all the above among others into our work.


Ethical Responsibility

We value honesty, fairness, respect, compassion, and professional ethics among staff and customers. We are committed to complete transparency with our clients working closely to achieve most optimum solutions.

Our Journey in a Nutshell

Tebyan has achieved great milestones and growing immensely over the years.


  • Tebyan was awarded the national Learning management system provision to all schools under Ministry of Education.


  • Tebyan diversified its product verticals into industrial sectors such as Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Architecture & Construction.
  • Ministry of Education awarded Tebyan for supporting in Qatar national day.
  • Implemented 3D printing & Robotics workshops for Qatar national library.


  • Tebyan proudly gold sponsored Edex Qatar. Tebyan proudly gold sponsored Edex Qatar. 
  • Initiated award winning STEM virtual reality in education in Qatar.
  • First VR Lab in Qatar was established by Tebyan in Qatar Science & Technology Secondary School for Boys.
  • Kalemon K-12 recommendation in Qatar.


  • Tebyan awarded by Ministry of Education for excellent project completion after developing Arabic language, Social Studies, History and Nationalism curriculum for Ministry of Education.
  • Introduced cutting-edge 3D printing & scanning technologies in Qatar.
  • Tebyan entered into the retail sector by supplying educational and STEM toys.


  • Tebyan was founded as a subsidiary company of Infoware.
  • Tebyan predominantly focus on enhancing 21st century skills that can support the STEM learning for schools & university across Qatar to improve the learning experience of students.
  • Tebyan was awarded by the Ministry of Education twice during 2016 for its excellence service.


  • Infoware was established as a local Qatari based company

Chairman’s Message

Thanks to the visionary leadership, Qatar has seen immaculate developments in the new millennium which is driving the nation as the fastest growing economy in the region. We have been striving to keep pace with the developments to support our customers by establishing new partnerships and hiring experienced resources.

I am proud to state that the company is now well equipped to provide a complete range of services in the field of Education. I believe that the commitment of the talented staff and the support of industry leading partners helped us in achieving it.

Sheikh Nasser Abdul Rahman Al-Thani

- Chairman

TEBYAN’s VEATIVE VR Labs for education won best of Bett Award in London 2017 as well as 2018’s Finalist Award.

TEBYAN EDUCATION SERVICES has won multiple awards and recognition letters from Qatar’s Ministry of education and higher education.

Who we are?

Investing in the future

Tebyan Group was established in Qatar as a national company aiming to contribute seriously to the technological development witnessed by the state, through the interactions of international and local expertise, especially the transfer of experiences and partnerships with many of the world’s leading companies in the fields of educational and content production, innovative technologies and simulations, Those solutions could include anything from customized curriculum development to creating interactive enrichment content and professional training materials; equipping and integrating a organizations withinnovative technology, tools and machinery; and improving usage of our materials by digitizing print and developing interactive content, learning objects, quizzes and assessments.

Major Operations Centers


Authoring and creation center for school curricula.


Production center for educational interactive multimedia


Production center for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.


Supply & training of STEM & STEAM education products and curriculum


Professional academic training for professionals in all fields and verticals


Supply of retail products and goods.


Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of CNC, 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment