Virtual Reality Labs for K-12

Veative Labs is a global provider of education technology and innovative digital learning solutions using immersive technologies such as 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Veative has developed the world’s largest immersive content library for STEM education.

We have over 400 VR modules already developed and the library is further growing. The Veative VR Learn Kit is an affordable, innovative, plug and play solution that can be set up in minutes. The kit comes complete with software and pedagogically-sound VR learning modules, equipping teachers with everything they need to introduce this cutting edge technology into the classroom.

We can provide VR devices or can work with those you may already possess. 

We believe that education is the foundation for any child, and upon which to build a society.

We have a mission to enhance the learning experience of young learners and support the teaching experience of teachers. In doing so, we hope to positively influence engagement, retention and desire to learn.

We know that there is a need for school administration and teachers to be aware of such learning experiences. Hence, Veative has launched its Awareness drive for Virtual Reality (VR) based School Education.

Our expert teams are visiting various schools and conducting awareness workshops involving both teachers and students to give them hands-on experience with this cutting-edge learning tool.

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How is Veative VR Learn used in
the classroom?

Management app for classroom management

We put control into the hands of teachers. Teachers can control student screens, including blanking them to get students’ attention. And they can install, uninstall and launch VR modules remotely on students’ devices whenever they like.

Online and offline delivery options

Students and teachers can download our VR educational content from the online store or from a local (offline) content access point.

Content delivery app for content management

Our content delivery app is used to deliver highquality, interactive VR modules. Students can easily organise their existing VR modules and add new ones in the My Library section of the app.

Smart analytics

Built-in feedback and tracked assessments keep learners on track. The offline version is supported by our analytics system that stores results locally and syncs with the server when it’s connected to the internet.

Learning management system (LMS) integration

We provide our own reporting system so students, teachers and parents can see the analytics data whenever they like. We can also send the data to any other LMS.

A solution designed for
education, which is practical and
affordable to reach the masses